Kids Party

Fantastic food for the kids without the nasties.

What’s a kids party without party food? But do you have nagging guilt about what’s actually IN those party pies, and wonder how crazy are the kids going to be after THAT fairy bread?!
Well don’t despair as we’ve come up with a great way to put on a party spread but without all the party nasties.

Our mini pies and sausage rolls are made with quality meat from our local, award winning butcher, Berry Butchery. Our pizza option is made with organic sourdough dough, our cupcakes are coloured using natural colours derived from fruit and vegetables and our fairy bread is made using organic white sourdough and naturally coloured 100s and 1000s. Lots more food options to choose from.

Should your child or your guests have allergies, we are happy to try and accommodate your needs such as dairy free / gluten free. We’ll do our best.

Download our menu below and call your nearest store to arrange your order. The party food is supplied in cardboard catering boxes, all you have to do is pick up from the store.

Download PDF menu